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Simple Present Tense dan WH – Questions :

1.   -   Mr Ahmad is a technician. He often . . . radios, calculators, soundsystem, etc.
a.       Is fixing
b.      Fixes
c.       Fix
d.      Fixed
2.    -  Yani    : What time did you get up this morning?
Ina       : . . .
a.       I got up at five
b.      He gets up at four
c.       She is going to get up at four
d.      They want to get up at five
3.     - A: I saw you in the “ Marto “ supermarket yesterday. What did you buy there?
B : Well I . . . soap  tooth paste and shampoo
a.       Buy
b.      Bought
c.       Was buying
d.      Have bought
4.      -Listen! The Teacher . . . the lesson
a.       Explains
b.      Explained
c.       Is explaining
d.      Was explaining
5.     - The sick man . . . on his bad now .
a.       Doesn’t lying
b.      Is not lying
c.       Not is lying
d.      Is lying
6.      -When Andri come to my house, I . . . lunch .
a.       Best having
b.      Will have
c.       Am having
d.      Were having
7.      -It. . .is very cloudy
a.       Was raining
b.      Rains
c.       Rained
d.      Is go to rain
8.      -Mr. Nurman knows everything about bali . He . . . there for twenty years.
a.       Lives
b.      Is living
c.       Was living
d.      Has lived
9.      -While I . .  . my lesson, my class mates came
a.       Studied
b.      Study
c.       Was studying
d.      Hav been study
10.  -A : when will the students have their holidays?
B : They will have their holidays. . .
a.       Next week
b.      Last week
c.       Week ago
d.      For a week
11.  -A : Do you know . . . won the competition??
B : I don’t know . But I heard Chintya won the competition.
a.       What
b.      Who
c.       When
d.      Which
12.  -A : . . . is the doctor going to come??
B : At once .
a.       How far
b.      How soon
c.       How many
d.      How old
13.  -A : . . . money do you need to buy this book??
B ; Rp. 1500,-
a.       How much
b.      How many
c.       How often
d.      How fast
14.  -A : … do you usually go to movies??
B : once a month .
a.       How many
b.      How often
c.       How soon
d.      How fast
15.  -A : … is the wall??
B : about twelve maters.
a.       How high
b.      How deep
c.       How long
d.      How far
16.  -Benny is 165 cm .
The question  for the underlined words is . . .
a.       How high
b.      How long
c.       How tall
d.      How big
17.  -A : . . .  will the train leave?
B : Immediatelly .
a.       How far
b.      How fast
c.       How soon
d.      How often
18.  -A : . . . sugar do you want in your tea?
B : A spoon full . Please !
a.       How many
b.      How much
c.       Wich
d.      What
19.  -This eraser is not his and it isn’t  mine either. … is it ?
a.       How
b.      Wich
c.       What
d.      Whose
20.  -A : . . .do you go to Surabaya?
B : Tomorrow .
a.       What
b.      When
c.       Why
d.      Where

Memo :
To        : All Employees

From    : R. Wettimuny
Subjek : Ordering Supplies
            All request for supplies must be typed and signed. Only typed request will be accepted. All request must be on desk buy the fifteenth of every month approved request will be sent on the accounting department.

Please plan a head . It takes two to six weeks two order supplies.
1.      What does the memo concern?
a.       Overdue account
b.      Office furniture
c.       Supply requests
d.      Computers
2.      What will happen to hand written requests?
a.       They will not be accepted
b.      They will be approved quickly
c.       They will be read carefully
d.      They will be sent to Accounting
3.      When must employees submit their requests?
a.       In two weeks
b.      By the fifteenth of every month
c.       Within six weeks
d.      Immediately
4.      What will happen to approved requests?
a.       They will be returned to the employee
b.      They will be sent to Purchasing
c.       they will be sent to Accounting
d.      they will be returned to R. Wettimuny
5.      who sender this memo?
a.       All Emloyees
b.      R. Wettimuny
c.       Accounting
d.      She
Memo :
28 February 2009
To : Aprilia Widjayanto
From : Septori Nurbandana
Subjek : Sales Conference
            I think we should hold the Annual Sales Conference in a hotel this year. The travel between the different hotels and the Conference Centre last year wasted a lot of time, so this year I suggest we have meetings and accommodation in the same venue.
I have asked for accommodation for some colleagues and they have given me the names of the following hotels :
-          Jogja Plaza Hotel
-          Sahid Raya hotel
-          Melia Purosani Hotel
-          Santika Hotel
( Please keep me informed when there is any development )
6.      According to the text , where might to conference be held this year?
a.       In a hotel
b.      At the different places
c.       At the conference centre
d.      At some buildings nearby
7.      The main idea of paragraph 1 tells about . . .
a.       Hotels recommended by Septori
b.      Accommodatior of the conference
c.       The reason of holding the conference at the same hotel
d.      The plan of holding the conference at a different hotel
8.      “I have asked for recommendation from some colleagues and they have given me…” (par.2)
The underline word refers to . . .
a.       Colleagues
b.      Conferences
c.       Recommendation
d.      Aprillia and Septori
408 Republik Avanue

Clothes by mail catalog
10 lake steet
Springfield,Wisconsin 67032

To whom it may concern :
I am returning a pair of pants, item number 7042, because they did not fit. I would like my credit card , which was used for the original purchase, to be credited with the amount of the sale. I have enclosed the sales slip and credit receipt. Thank you for your attention.
Maria Gomez
9.      What kind of engineer is the Ukrainan?
a.       Electrical
b.      Nuclear
c.       Mechanical
d.      Railroad
10.  Who will the visitor’s guide?
a.       J. Wilson
b.      Elena Quzikov
c.       Marcello Palombo
d.      No One
11.  When will she arrive ?
a.       Before 12:00
b.      At noon
c.       After lunch
d.      In the evening
12.  What is her chief area of interest?
a.       Designing bridgest
b.      Eating lunch
c.       Touring the department
d.      Visiting

Memo :
To        : All staff
From    : head of IT Departement
Subjek : Computer update
Date    : March 30
            As u know, all employees will receive new computers during May. In order to minimize work disruption, we will be installing the computers over a period of three weeks, rather than all at once, as originally planed. Installation of new computers will be  made per department. Between now and your schedule date, you should make copies of all necessary document and store them on disk.
            We understand that saving files will take planning and time. Each department head has scheduled a two hour work period for employees to go through and sive files. If you have any questions or need help with loarge files, contact me immediately. This is a major investment by the company which will enable all of us work more efficiency and effectively.
13.  When will the computers be installed?
a.       All at once
b.      During a pre-scheduled
c.       Over several weeks
d.      In march
14.  What is the purpose of the memo?
a.       To announce the new purchase
b.      To inform workers of the schedules
c.       To eliminate unnecessary work
d.      To change the leaders of each section
15.  What should employees do now?
a.       Transfer the documents on a disk
b.      Create a schedule
c.       Call the head of the department
d.      Choose the computer they want
Memo  :
            As you know , Friday afternoon is our annual company party. We are looking forward to this event and the opportunity to take some time out of our busy schedules to enjoy each other’s company. Because we will continue to need to have someone to answer the ppnes and receive materials, we are asking that each of our six department identify one more employees who would be willing to work a two-hour shift – 1.30-3.30 0r 3.30-5.30.
            In order to compensate those people who will be working during the festivities , we have voucher for s weekend visit to Palm restorts. Please send me the name of the personals in your department who will be taking on these duties
16.  What is the mean idea of the memo?
a.       Some lucky employees will win a trip to Pal Restors
b.      The party will be for all employees
c.       Some employees will not be able to attend the party on Friday
d.      The party will finish between 5.30 and 6.00
17.  What is the purpose of the event on Friday?
a.       To take as many calls as possible
b.      To motivate employees for a difficult year
c.       To get a trip Palm Restors
d.      To spend time with eacher
18.  “please send me the name of the personals in your department. . “ the underlined word refers to?
a.       The writer
b.      The reader
c.       The employee
d.      The phone
19.  When the annual company party?
a.       Sunday
b.      Monday
c.       Thursday
d.      Friday
20.  When starts this shift?
a.       15.00
b.      14.00
c.       1.30
d.      5.30

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